Do you offer special courses for my needs? (Business Manager)

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„As a successful business manager I have already a high up English level – but I need to practise more how to negotiate with my customers. Do you offer special courses for my needs?“

We sure do! This is a very common request. Many people in management positions have good English skills, but don’t get to practise regularly with a trained native speaker. The result is, with no feedback (or incorrect feedback), bad habits can be picked up, which become ingrained (eingefleischt).

For example, your first sentence has several errors. The adverb (already) and your auxiliary verb (have) are around the wrong way. Adverbs normally go between the subject (I) and the main verb (have). Also, the phrase ‘high up’, is normally used to refer to a person, not a level.
Your sentence could be easily ‘polished’ by stating it in the following way:

1)‘As a successful business manager, I already have a high command of the English Language’
2) ‘As a successful business manager, I have already achieved an Advanced English certification, but this was three years ago’.
(In sentence 2, the adverb ‘already’, goes between the sub (I) and the main verb (achieved). This is because when there is more than one verb (have and achieved), we put the adverb after the auxiliary verb)
Often a custom course of private lessons is an extremely beneficial exercise for people like yourself. We can teach 1:1, group lessons at your company or in one of our teaching rooms. We can cover areas like correct formality for different situations, writing perfect emails using key phrases which can be used for different topics, sorting out common errors with prepositions, role playing business scenarios to ensure correct language is utilized…and much more.
No two custom courses are ever the same, because we design the course specifically to your needs. I hope this answers your question Julia, please feel free to give me a call on 078 662 70 19 to further discuss your specific requirements.

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