Über uns

Warum Wir?

Wir konzentrieren uns darauf Ihnen Englischkenntnisse zu vermitteln die Sie noch heute anwenden können.
Sie verschwenden keine Zeit darauf Sprachbereiche zu lernen die Sie nur selten benötigen.

Wer wir sind

Unsere Lernmethode


– Sehr erfahren
– Englische Muttersprachler/innen
– Cambridge University zertifiziert
– persönlich, sympathisch und fürsorglich
– Im Prinzip: Keine langweiligen Lehrer/innen erlaubt!


– Unterrichtszeiten jederzeit zwischen 7 Uhr – 21 Uhr
– Wir kommen zu Ihnen
– keine langen, bindenden Verträge


In jeder Stunde werden Sie gefragt “Was würde die nächste Lektion besser machen als die heutige?”.
Mit unserer Erfahrung und Ihrem regelmäßigem Feedback werden wir Ihre Ziele in kürzester Zeit erreichen.


– Die besten Preise in Zürich, vergleichen Sie selbst!
– Wir geben alles für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen
– Kostenlose, unverbindliche Probestunde

All unsere Englischlehrer sind präzise ausgewählt. Unsere Lehrer sind nicht nur hochqualifiziert und englische Muttersprachler, sie sind ausserdem Lehrkräfte mit einer tiefen Leidenschaft für den Erfolg der Studenten. Wir stellen nur die Besten ein und deshalb produzieren wir aussergewöhnliche Ergebnisse.


  • I originally contacted Progressive English to help improve my financial business English. Travis has exceeded my expectations, and has given me much confidence in my verbal and written communications. He has a real skill in reducing lessons to their main point (his cheat sheets are brilliant), and teaches in a very practical way. He also assists with our presentations in English, and so has become a real asset to our company.

    Karin Vuran - CFO
    Karin Vuran - CFO Leadership Inhouse Akademie
  • Progressive English was very professional to deal with. They provided us with a very organized and skilled English teacher. I am now much more confident with my tenses, and have really improved verbal and written communication with my English speaking clients.

    Martin Kos - Joint Founder
    Martin Kos - Joint Founder Forexus GmbH
  • Mike from Progressive English was unreal and I couldn’t have passed my BEC Vantage without him! He even organized a dinner, for free (except food) where we were only allowed to speak English all evening with other students and teachers. I will definitely be contacting them again when I study my BEC Higher.

    Adrian Huber - Sales Manager
    Adrian Huber - Sales Manager Private
  • I have worked with PE for a number of years now, mainly for the editing service that they provide, and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. Numerous times I have required a last minute edit of a speech, or to proof read/improve a brochure for the marketing department, and they have never let us down.

    Dimitar Bobev - Managing Director Switzerland
    Dimitar Bobev - Managing Director Switzerland Lighthouse Global
  • Progressive English did a very efficient and accurate job editing the English version of my latest book – The Rocky Road to Achieving Your Doctorate. On time, on budget and on point.

    Gunnar Seide - Professor and author
    Gunnar Seide - Professor and author University Maastricht
  • Travis from Progressive English was very professional. He and his team fixed my weaknesses; at the same time, they strengthen my grammar and pronunciation which are important for CAE exam. Not only did he prepare for my lesson in advanced, but he also understood intrinsic qualities of his students. Impressively, he gave me the feeling of supportive elixir more than just a client and a tutor.

    Tanja - Student
    Tanja - Student Cambridge Advanced English Preparation Course
  • When I moved to Zurich from Italy, I was looking for an English teacher because I needed to learn an international language for communicating in the new country. In addition, despite using my mother language during the clinical interviews, learning English was important for international works and collaborations. I had never studied systematically English, so I started from a low level. In a few months my English has improved a lot: I was very surprised about how I became able to write and speak English in formal and informal conversations, and now I am not afraid when another person doesn’t speak my language. I studied with Miles and I can tell that he is a very good teacher, capable of motivating me and reinforcing and supporting me in spite of my mistakes. At the start, I planned to study only two months, but, seeing the amazing results, after five months I still study with Progressive English!

    Beatrice Nasta - Psychologist
    Beatrice Nasta - Psychologist Private
  • I was looking for someone who helps me during one week to repeat things from CAE. With Travis from Progressive English I found the right person. In that short time he helped me to become more confident, especially in speaking. Travis' lessons were never boring and he has the attitude to motivate.


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