Which English Books do you use in the courses?

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We carefully select our material, because no matter how good the teacher is, if you have a book which is outdated, boring or not at the correct level for the students, then the course will not be a success. We listen to the client’s needs, and suggest the course book we think will be a perfect fit. As no two clients are the same, we are flexible and can demonstrate different books, so that the client can see first-hand our suggestions, and can make the final decision as to which course book they prefer.

Below is an overview of books which our clients’ currently use:

Cambridge Exam Course Books:

For academic exam courses, we use Cambridge Official Preparation Material. We utilize the Complete First and Complete Advanced books, and Objective for proficiency.

For BEC exams, we utilize the Pass Cambridge series. Of course, we are not limited to just these books, and have a huge data base of material depending on students’ requirements. We are also flexible and open to student input.

General English Books:

We separate classes depending on student’s level. So a student will be assessed as either A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference. We may not even use a book depending on what the participants require. If a book is required, we choose a course book which will interest our student(s). We often utilize the National Geographic series, including Keynote and Ted Talks for current, interesting topics.

Workplace Specific Books:

If our client is, for example, an Insurance company, we can design a course tailored to that industry, utilizing industry specific vocabulary, role-plays etc. Cambridge have course books designed specifically for different industries, including Medical English course books, Financial English course books, Engineering English course books, English used in Law course books, English used in IT course books etc.

After discussing your needs, we will diligently select a course book which will be a perfect match to your requirements.

We often utilize the Cambridge Professional English series, but there are other choices depending on client needs.


Some of the current books we utilize:


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  • Ben

    hi, what IT books do you use?

  • Maria

    What about medical english books? Do you offer them too?

  • Mark @ Progressive English

    Hi Ben,
    We use many different books and materials depending on student’s level and requirements. Three books we often utilize are:
    ‚Cambridge – Professional English in use, ICT‘, which is suited to intermediate and advanced students.
    ‚English for information Technology 1 and 2‘, are suitable for beginner to intermediate students.

  • Mark @ Progressive English

    Hi Maria.
    Yes, we also utilize the ‚Cambridge English for Nursing‘ series, and the ‚Cambridge English in use – Medicine‘.
    Of course, which book we use depends on student’s level and requirements.

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