What is the best way to learn English, in the shortest possible time?

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The best way is to be proactive, and practise regularly. 1 hour per day is much better than 10 hours all at once, every 2 weeks. If you self-study daily, with a structured program (Progressive English provides this) containing all 4 main areas of language: listening, reading, writing and speaking, and receive detailed feedback on your errors from a highly trained teacher, you will improve rapidly.

Private English lessons are the ultimate for strong intermediate and advanced learners, and are 100% customised towards your specific needs.


I recommend every student doing private lessons carry a small notebook with them at all times, and whenever they think of a question regarding English, they note it down. They then email these notes to their teacher 3 days before their lessons, so that the teacher can prepare succinct responses for them, and fill in all the gaps in the student’s knowledge. Students doing private lessons with Progressive English also receive very specific homework, tailored to what the teacher and student decide each lesson that the student needs to practice.

The next best method is group lessons, with a small class size of students of the same level. Progressive English offers classes with 2-4 students, and 4-8 students. Structured homework is also provided. We also offer skype lessons, to increase speaking time with feedback on errors.

The 3 different methods, structured private lessons, group lessons and skype speaking lessons with a highly trained and passionate Progressive English teacher, will all provide the information and practise required to improve rapidly, but the biggest influence will be student motivation and consistency.

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  • Travis

    Skype speaking lessons are a fantastic way to complement what you are learning every week in class. They are an extremely economical way to really ‘supercharge’ your language learning. For as little as CHF 20, you will receive 30 minutes of 1:1 speaking time with a highly qualified and diligent teacher, and after the lesson, your teacher will email you a summary, with detailed feedback on errors. I recommend all students have 2 speaking lessons/week, if they want fast, sustainable results. This really is the key.

  • Freddy

    I agree! I had speaking lessons with teacher John, and they made a HUGE difference to my English skills 🙂
    Was well worth CHF 20.- for a private speaking coach with an email after my lesson!

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